Today was about preparing for the week. Well actually preparing for more then this week. I actually lesson planned for 3 weeks for Max. This took me over 3 hours. I wish I was joking! I guess I must be doing something right if it took me that long. At the end of the day, … [Read more…]

Flylady Baby Step #1

Today we are going to shine our kitchen sink. This seams simple and you may be thinking “hey I have a house that belongs on an episode of hoarders! How is a clean sink going to help me with THAT?” The point of doing this is to create a clean spot in your house that … [Read more…]

Happy New Years… almost!

Well today we spent cleaning. I am tell you, with all the cleaning we have done, our house is going to sparkle! Actually when I say cleaning, I mean organizing. Nathaniel has a train collection that is starting to eat other toys! So we had to control it. With everything that we are cleaning/organizing we … [Read more…]

Flylady Baby Steps

Flylady baby steps are the easiest way to start “flying”. If you are new to this way of cleaning house, please look here to see the steps. Each step is very simple, yet they all build on one another. So if you miss a day, then at least look at the day that you missed, … [Read more…]

System wars

Well yesterday I didn’t post because I couldn’t seem to do simple things correctly. So I thought today would be better. Well Windows HATES Mac and I am stuck in a format war. So I have photos and video but none of it likes me at the moment so I can’t share more Christmas at … [Read more…]