Today was about preparing for the week. Well actually preparing for more then this week. I actually lesson planned for 3 weeks for Max. This took me over 3 hours. I wish I was joking! I guess I must be doing something right if it took me that long. At the end of the day, … [Read more…]

Happy New Years… almost!

Well today we spent cleaning. I am tell you, with all the cleaning we have done, our house is going to sparkle! Actually when I say cleaning, I mean organizing. Nathaniel has a train collection that is starting to eat other toys! So we had to control it. With everything that we are cleaning/organizing we … [Read more…]

A day in the life…

Today we woke up and it was snowing. It was more or less a dusting when we got up. It didn’t let up though. It kept snowing. Well we realized that Tony needed to go for a run in the morning, so we got up and the boys and I went to the Y with … [Read more…]


Well today I messed up. Actually it was last night. I was so tired that I wrote a post and forgot to publish it on here. Oops! It is published now and I started working on Flylady stuff so I can go through the 31 Baby Steps starting on January 1 on here (I am … [Read more…]