Sorry I don’t have the video up today. Today we had a busy day and I just ran out of time. Tomorrow we are home all day so it should be easier. Well I am proud to say that Max is now sleeping in his own crib all the time! It took a bit out … [Read more…]

Today and such!

Well I will start off with the “Day in the Life of Maximillian”. This is Max’s day on Friday 3/27/09 12 midnight – 7:30 am – Co-sleep with mommy.7:30 – wake up change a wet diaper8:00 – play on floor8:45 – read books9:00 – 15 minute nap9:30 – play with mommy – practise sitting up10:00 … [Read more…]

Max today…

Max has had a pretty good day today. We stayed home. And I put Max to sleep in his crib for all of his naps. He didn’t like it at first but he gradually liked the idea and I think he has been sleeping better today. However I think he is getting in his 2 … [Read more…]

Yeah I am awake… sort of…

Well last night Max was up almost every hour. I don’t have a picture of my blood shot eyes but trust me they are there! I put him down at 7:30ish. I remember being up with him sometime during the 8 o’clock hour, 10 o’clock hour, 11 o’clock hour, 12 o’clock hour, 1 o’clock hour, … [Read more…]