Flylady Baby Step 23…

Today we are going to set our after noon routine. This is fairly simple and will go into your control journal. For right now just put “Start Dinner” on it. Here is what Diane in Denmark has to say today:

Flylady Baby Step 22…

Today is the day to get your control journal in order! Okay maybe not this just seems like a REALLY big task for one to just throw at you there. I mean I like doing this sort of thing and this is a BIG step. This should really be about 10 steps. So I will … [Read more…]

Nathaniel the adventurer

I was looking at the blog today and I saw an old post from right before I had Nathaniel. I was talking about how I was talking to Max about what he thought Nathaniel would be like. He replied that Nathaniel would help him climb trees. I took it to be that Nathaniel would be … [Read more…]

Flylady Baby Step #21

Today we are figuring out why we are procrastinating if we are. We are also making sure we have our routines down. I also want to throw in here that if you have a bad day or even a bad week, that doesn’t mean that you throw in the towel and don’t do this anymore. … [Read more…]

A little country…

Caution politics is mentioned in this post. Today my heart and mind was with the people who marched for life in DC and elsewhere. Those events are always inspiring. I just wish the media would report them. Instead CNN talked about a march that didn’t even occur today and ignored (typical) the March for Life. … [Read more…]