Flylady Baby Step 31

Today is the last day! Congratulations on making it this far! I hope you have learned something along the way and realize that keeping house isn’t as scary as it seems. Here is Diane in Denmark

Wells Fargo Wagon

Today was a fairly easy day. The boys did well with their school work. Not much fighting. I was able to do Flylady easily enough. So the day was very smooth. I did have a bit of a good chuckle today though. I got a shipping notice for the spelling program. It is coming from … [Read more…]

Flylady Baby Step 30

Today the task is to check next month’s calendar for events. That is simple enough! Here is Diane in Denmark to say more:

Flylady Baby Step 29

Today we are going to set aside time to focus on ourselves. They recommend weekly. I have enough time in my day to do this a little bit daily. I actually put it right into my afternoon routines. 30 minutes of me time. I do this during nap time. During this time I can quilt, … [Read more…]

Flylady Baby Step 28

Today we are going to make sure we drink plenty of water and put good food in. To Fly isn’t just about cleaning the house, it is about creating an environment of well being. Today is the day we focus on the well being part. Here is Diane in Denmark: