Eleven Days Old

Alexander and Emily both took a turn for the worst yesterday. Both have breathing difficulties because their lungs are so immature. Emily is doing a little better than her brother and seems to be responding to the steroids to help her lungs. Alexander is in serious trouble. His yeast infection seems to have set up … [Read more…]

Nine Days Old

Alex and Emily have started having some breathing troubles. Yesterday they had to be put on 100% oxygen. This morning however, things seemed to settle down. Emily was started on dexamethasone, which should help with her lung development. Alexander however, has been battling a yeast infection, so the doctors want to wait until he gets … [Read more…]

One Week Old

Alexander and Emily have had a big week. Both are doing well. Babies are born with PDA, which is a hole in the heart which closes on its own in full term babies. They gave Alex and Emily a drug to help close the PDA, but told us that it usually doesn’t work on preemies … [Read more…]

Christopher Matthew

I’ve been thinking about our little boy and what his life must have been like. Some of you might think this is kind of silly, but I think an autobiography of his life might go something like this: July 31st, (The Feast Day of Saint Ignacias Loyolla), I am born at 11:08 AM! My sister … [Read more…]