Emily’s room

Hello, Emily hasn’t had that much change this week. Her CO2 levels seem to be elevated but they haven’t made that many changes to her ventulator. Currently she is on 46 breaths per minute, her PIP is at 22 and her PEEP is at 7. I am told these are high settings but they are … [Read more…]

Five Weeks and One Day Old

These pictures were taken yesterday and today. Two were taken while the nurse was giving Emily her care; note the hands over her face clearly telling everyone to leave her alone. She was just too cute – Daddy had to take some pictures. Jennifer got to hold Emily for about three hours on Labor Day … [Read more…]

Five Weeks Old

It’s been a few days since our last update, but not much has changed. As seen in one of the pictures, Jennifer got to do kangaroo care with Emily for about three hours on Saturday. Her feeds were also restarted after being held for 24 hours because of some swelling, but she’s up to 8 … [Read more…]

Emily’s New Duds

Yesterday Emily got to put on her clothes for the first time. She also has a hat, but it is rather warm in her isolette so she can’t wear it. She’ll probably wear it the next time she does kangaroo care with Mommy, though. Emily had a little setback on her feeds yesterday. Her belly … [Read more…]

Emily One Month Old

As you can see, Jennifer finally got to do kangaroo care with Emily. Unfortunately, this seems to depend heavily on the individual nurse’s discression and some nurses think it’s harmful for parents to hold their babies. (We’ve even had nurses tell us we can’t even touch her and need to keep the isolette doors closed … [Read more…]