Emily’s going home outfit?

I need help deciding on an outfit for Emily to come home in. Please help! These are my options. Edited to add: Two outfits were trailing badly so I have taken them out and reset the poll. Option AOption BOption C Which should be Emily’s going home outfit?Option A – Pink dress with white collarOption … [Read more…]

Fourteen Weeks, Two Days

Emily now weighs 2050 grams, or 4 lbs, 8 oz. We’re well on track for 5 lbs by Thanksgiving! Her ROP is still stage 2 in both eyes, but is now regressing in both. The eye doctor says she’s ‘boring’. Yesterday was a little rough on Emily. Her nose got clogged again; her oxygen requirements … [Read more…]

Fourteen Weeks Old

Emily now weighs 1974 grams. She had a bad blood gas today (pCO2 of 89), so she was put back on the nasal cannula. Her latest blood gas showed a pCO2 of 80, so there was some improvement. Emily was bottle fed by Mommy today and took 20 cc’s of milk. Along with this came … [Read more…]

Thirteen Weeks, Six Days

Emily now weighs 4 lbs, 6 oz. She was still off of the nasal cannula today. Her nurse today was surprised she stayed off it all night. She didn’t have any bradys today at all. The plan currently seems to be to give her some time for her little nose to heal before trying her … [Read more…]

Bubble Girl

Emily had an interesting day. The nasal cannula has been drying out her little nasal passages the past day or so. When the nurses try to suction her, she bleeds and then the blood clots in her nose, blocking her airway and creating a vicious circle. As a solution, they put her in a plastic … [Read more…]