Fifteen Weeks, One Day

Emily now weighs 2180 grams (4 lbs, 13 oz). The flow rate for her cannula was reduced to 1 liter / hour yesterday, and her feeds were increased to 42 cc’s every three hours. We are getting more aggresive with the bottle feeding since this is the only thing keeping Emily at the hospital. We … [Read more…]

Emily Rolls Over

Emily now weighs 2118 grams (4lbs, 10 oz). She received the rest of her two-month immunizations today and did pretty well. Mom also put her to breast today, and Emily really liked it; her oxygen saturations went up to 100 both times! The only problem was that she was so comfortable that she didn’t get … [Read more…]

Fourteen Weeks, Five Days

Emily is having many boring days now, which is why these posts seem to be getting more infrequent. Not to mention shorter. Emily now weighs 2087 grams (4 lbs, 9 oz). We tried to feed her from the bottle twice today, but this ended both times with episodes of bradycardia after the first few sips. … [Read more…]

Fourteen Weeks, Three Days

Emily lost a bit of weight today, but this is actually a good thing. She now weighs in at 1961 grams (4 lbs, 5 oz). She was given Lasix because x-rays showed some fluid build-up in her lungs. Her heart rate and respiratory rate were down today, and her O2 saturation levels were in the … [Read more…]

Emily’s going home outfit?

I need help deciding on an outfit for Emily to come home in. Please help! These are my options. Edited to add: Two outfits were trailing badly so I have taken them out and reset the poll. Option AOption BOption C Which should be Emily’s going home outfit?Option A – Pink dress with white collarOption … [Read more…]