5 days old… Corrected

Emily had an okay day yesterday. She was desating a lot and so they tried various things with her until they found something that worked. First they tried mask c-pap (they use the mask instead of the elephant look c-pap) that didn’t work. Then they oxygenated her bubble. That didn’t work. Finally they gave her … [Read more…]

Thanksgiving Update

(We have tried to upload pictures but it is not working. We will try again later 1608, 1617) Emily now weighs 2450 grams. (5 pounds, 6 ounces I think). We got some bad news yesterday and Emily has had a setback. She was desatting constantly yesterday and quite frequently last night, so the doctors increased … [Read more…]

16 weeks 2 days

Hello, Sorry I don’t have any new pictures today. Emily is sleeping a lot now and when she is not I am trying to encourage her to do so. Anyway, Emily has been doing well. She had the speech therapist come and see her again on Monday. The therapist still thinks that Emily should not … [Read more…]

Pull My Leg

Emily now weighs 2244 grams (4 lbs, 15 oz.) She continues to feed from the bottle almost every four hours. Today Dad fed her for the first time and she took 20 cc’s for him at 8 PM. She also took 30 cc’s at 4 PM. While her nurse was taking her blood pressure today, … [Read more…]

Fifteen Weeks, FIve Days Old

Emily lost quite a bit of fluid weight yesterday. She was given medication to help her get rid of some of her excess fluids and had three diapers which were 40g, 116g, and 30g yesterday afternoon. She now weighs four pounds, 14.7 ounces again, but is doing much better with her breathnig. She isn’t working … [Read more…]