Don’t we all wish we could lose our water weight?

Hello, Emily had a good weekend. She handled both the bottle and breastfeeding well. However on Saturday night we noticed that she gained about 3 oz overnight! This is not normal. Also her output had went down. Needless to say she had fluid build up on her lungs and this made her oxygen requirements go … [Read more…]

Emily’s New Dress

Hello, Well Emily is able to eat from a bottle or breast. She is completely in control of the situation because of her heart. However there are a few ground rules. She can only have breast or bottle and if she chooses breast she can only be there for 20 minutes tops. As you can … [Read more…]

My pretty little girl

The bumper in the previous shots I made in college as an assignment. She seems to really like that it is up. Hello, Well Emily had a good day yesterday. They were able to wean her oxygen down to about 60% and she was doing well at her feeds taking at least some of the … [Read more…]

Emily’s new device

Hello, Well Emily did rather well yesterday. She couldn’t get her oxygen lowered over night and didn’t take any bottles but by the time I saw her she really wanted to be held. So I did that. She breast fed well from me taking about 15 to 46(!) cc’s or 1/2 oz. to 1.5 oz … [Read more…]

Thirteen Days Old, Corrected

Emily is still packing on the weight- she now weighs 2600 grams, or 5 pounds, 11 ounces. She had a pretty good day yesterday and did well through the night. She was very congested yesterday and had to be suctioned, but she had a good session with occupational therapy and slept a lot. She has … [Read more…]