Our family meeting

The picture below was taken before she got her blood. You can see how pale she is. Hello, Well Emily is doing slightly better yesterday. She is stating well most of the time. However she is on 100% oxygen through the canula and through the oxihood. They have increased her inhaled steroids and if they … [Read more…]

121 days old

Hello, Well Emily had a rough day yesterday. She was desating a lot and had a hard time even getting into the 80% range. She also looked pale to me but I thought it was because she was desating so much. They tried raising her canula oxygen to 100% then they raised her oxihood oxygen … [Read more…]

Emily 1 week corrected

There was very little change in her yesterday. She took every other feed by bottle and took the whole thing when she did. I think she really likes the Dr. Brown bottles! She is now on a nebulizor type treatment for her inhaled medications. They rarely do this in the hospital but I would like … [Read more…]

Happy little girl

Well Emily took a whole bottle twice in a row yesterday. This is how she felt about it. We used the Dr. Brown bottle with the preemie nipple. I must say that this is a miracle bottle. She took to it right away and didn’t brady once! The first time she took the whole bottle … [Read more…]

Corrected 6 days old

Hello, Well we didn’t get as much time with Emily yesterday as we had planned. Funny this whole long weekend we have really only been spending about as much time with her as we normally do when Tony is working. Yesterday we had to pick up Maya at 1 pm and after signing the papers, … [Read more…]