Emily becomes an Elephant

Emily was put to the C-pap on Friday. The doctor says that this is one final effort to having her not be trached. I believe that Emily is close to not needing to be trached. She does many things that normally put a baby down that route, including breathing on her own and being of … [Read more…]

A Rough Day

We got some bad news about Emily yesterday. The flow rate on her cannula was increased to 6 liters / minute, and they haven’t been able to wean her off of 100 % oxygen. The doctors have said that if she gets to the point where she would require a CPAP, they are going to … [Read more…]

Emily’s Weekend

Hello! Sorry it has been a while since we posted. Emily is doing well. She had a really good day on Saturday and was awake for most of the time that we were there. On Sunday she had a bad day though and was desating a lot. She looked pale to me and they ran … [Read more…]

Blue Jean baby’s milk

Emily has had some good days recently. She had her milk scan on Wednesday which I was there for. I was actually able to be there for the whole test. The test was simple enough, lay Emily on an imaging table and feed her a bottle with radioactive (slightly) material in it with her milk. … [Read more…]

Emily and the bunny with a heart

As you can see Emily had a new outfit on last night. This one her paternal grandmother got her. Isn’t she too cute! The one with me holding her is taken right after she fed off of me. I don’t know why but her eyes just bugged out after that. Emily had a good day … [Read more…]