Emily’s big ride

Hello, Well Emily is now at the Children’s Hospital. She was moved to the conventional vent yesterday so they could do a EEG (to monitor her brain waves and check for seizure activity). She did well enough for it to get her transported to the other hospital, where she was put back on the oscillator. … [Read more…]

Emily’s Very Bad Day

Edited to add:Emily was put on the vent about noon on Sunday. She had been desating into the low 80’s and we feared that it could be damaging her more. Initally they just had her on the conventional vent with her “NO” gas or Nitric Oxcide. We thought that this would stablize her and we … [Read more…]

Pain is all Emily sees

Hello, Well Emily got transferred to the Si-Pap machine that they were waiting to get in. She hasn’t done that well on it though. She figured out rather quickly how to turn the machine off by holding her breath and is often doing that. Therefore defeating the purpose of the machine. Her stats on the … [Read more…]

Go Emily Go!

Hello, Sorry for no pictures. We did take video of her yesterday but that was it. I forgot to mention that Emily rolled over 2-3 times front to back on Wednesday. She clearly knows what she wants and is not going to wait for people to do it for her! Also Emily scooted across her … [Read more…]

Emily and her Christmas

“Free Emily!!” Hello, Sorry we haven’t been able to post till now. The Internet was down for 2 days at the time that I normally post. Then when it finally got back up I had a backlog of things to do and so posting got pushed back. Emily has been doing okay on the c-pap. … [Read more…]