Our last post here…

I have created another blog to go forward from. To view it you go to www.jacea.blogspot.com Thank you for all your kind words the last few days. Jennifer

Our first post

Hello, Welcome to this blog. I thought I would start out by saying what we have been doing since Friday. My mother and stepfather came out on Friday. After coming home and quickly removing and putting away a lot of Emily’s things we left on Saturday to “get away.” I think it was the best … [Read more…]

Some Last Pictures

We didn’t get to post Emily’s Christmas pictures because of everything that happened. The one with her in her red dress was taken while opening her presents. She is looking at a Little People Nativity set Dad’s great aunt (who is a Sister of Mercy) got for her. She was very alert and looking at … [Read more…]


Emily died today at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She was only 5 months, 5 days old. She was very strong, very brave, very smart, and everybody loved her. Her Mommy and Daddy love her very, very much. Tony

A sad day

Jennifer called me this morning and sadly, Emily isn’t doing well.Jen asked me to post a note to tell everyone they think our sweet little girl may not be with us too much longer.Emily is stating in the 70s. The Dr’s say her PDA was opening again and she has something called Cor pulmonle, which … [Read more…]