Sorry I haven’t been posting as much as I like to, but I haven’t left the house since Tuesday and that was just for swim class! Tomorrow isn’t looking like I will be leaving either. Not that I mind, I actually like staying at home but it isn’t much to talk about. Today Tony texted … [Read more…]

Flylady Baby Step 26

Today is a day to keep up the good work. So if you have made it this far, don’t give up! Here is Diane in Denmark to cheer you on!

Flylady Baby Step 25…

Today is another day where you just need to keep up the good work! So that should be easy enough to do! 😉 Here is Diane in Denmark to cheer you on!

Hiding out

Things are slowly getting back to normal around here. Today the boys had swim class for the first time in 2 weeks. It was good to have them back in the water. I am taking a lot of precautions though. I made them change their clothes as soon as we got home and then I … [Read more…]

Flylady Baby Step 24…

Today we are going to learn about the swish and swipe! I actually think this should be before step 24 but better late then never. Swish and swipe is what we do to clean the bathroom. You use a toilet bowl brush and swish your toilet and then use something (for me it is typically … [Read more…]