Here is yesterday and today’s outfit. I really didn’t do anything yesterday other then run around from a tornado warning. Yes you read that right, we had a tornado warning. I had just got to where the boys have swim class and it was lightening everywhere around us. The boys didn’t want to go to … [Read more…]

A Black and White issue

Here are Max and I today. He is wearing outfit 189 in his plan and I am wearing a modified 152 in my plan (need a neutral skirt… and some completer pieces). Today I would like to talk about products for white people verses people of color. We currently have a child in our care … [Read more…]


Well here is my outfits for the last 2 days. Not great, but not bad I guess. I still have some work to do with them. I also have Max and his outfit, though admittedly he needs more shorts and he really shouldn’t be long pants with the weather we are having. We had a … [Read more…]

Does this color make my van look big?

Well I am back again today! Woo Hoo! 2 days in a row! We went and look at the Chrysler Pacificas today. They had a hybrid right next to the gas one. So we could really see the differences. I was impressed to see in the gas one, that there was lower anchor tether points … [Read more…]

Day in the Life

I am not really sure how to start this. You know, a long absence, many things have happened, you miss writing at least once a week, where do you start? That is me right now. So where do I start. I see that I started talking about Abeka when I left off. We are still … [Read more…]