I woke up this morning with my eyes hurting and my car green. I don’t own a green car. So that is bad. Yes it is that time of year when the plants rule the world. It isn’t the humans, we get the other 50 weeks of the year. For these couple of weeks every spring, the plants rule. I am hoping for rain. Rain will help. It will not make it completely clear, but it will help.

Photos from yesterday’s walk around the yard.

I am working on sewing an 1870/1880’s corset. I got my mock up done over the weekend and yesterday I wore it for about half the day. Today I am over that already. Which is impressive given what I have done. I have: got all of our groceries from the front stoop, weeded the front flower beds, drafted a pattern on the floor, breath, eat, and not fainted. Yes this is all possible with a corset on! I will probably be taking it off soon as this is still new to me but I think it is safe to say that it fits!

If you didn’t get the joke about commuters here is the link to understand. https://youtu.be/A99lPUwyUpc