It is warm…

It is warm today. Almost like we woke up and it is summer and not so cold that you feel like it is winter. It is surprising, it happens like this often. A flip of the switch and it is now time for short sleeve shirts and shorts. Not that Nathaniel hasn’t been wearing shorts for months. Often in the winter I have to remind him it is not summer. Then when he finally agrees that it is winter, he starts wearing long pants in the summer! Maybe he should have been born in the winter and not the summer so that he could be “in season” with his wardrobe.

Last night it was so nice that I decided to go for a walk outside. This isn’t like a normal walk. I take to walking the perimeter of my back yard. Well mostly. Our shed has stuff behind it. So I go down one side, turn around, then walk around the shed to the other side. Then I go behind the playset, along the fence to the front, back into the middle of the yard around the patio and back to the fence line on the other side of the house. I did this for 30 minutes yesterday and about 15 this morning. I am starting to see trails in the grass, even though Tony mowed it last weekend. Every now and then the children join me. Tony came out this morning and commented that our foster daughter looked like she really didn’t want to follow me around but knew nothing else to do, so she was doing it.

Our foster daughter normally plays in the sand when she is outside. However, this morning it was getting too warm for her and I think that is why she followed me. I wish I could go for a walk in the neighborhood, but I like walking around without a mask and so the backyard is where I have to be. We will all go out again this evening. I forget what we are having for dinner. Something with tortillas.

I also did the grocery shopping today. It took a few hours. It normally does. Eating vegan doesn’t make this task any easier but our meal plan service does. I am sure it would be even longer if I had to think about what we are going to be eating for the next few weeks. I normally start with 3 open windows on my computer. I go to the first window/store and order all the obvious things for this store. Then I go to the second and the third and do the same. This takes a bit anyway as auto typing is always messing up and I get the “MOM!!” questions every few minutes. Then I go to the things that I am not sure where to get them. Some of them I have to weigh me ordering them prepared, or making them ourselves. When that is done, I have to go back and for anything outside my 3 windows I look to see if they offer free shipping. I know they are getting me with that, but today I had 10 lbs of items from and only $18 till free shipping. After looking at several items, I finally decided on a snack for the family, and placed the order.

Well I want to do some more pattern drafting today. It isn’t much but before dinner and outside time I would like to have some fun. I will try to take some photos today. Being present in the moment is hard for me, but writing about it seems to help. I don’t mind if no one reads this. However, I should probably write about how my life was inside the bubble… even if it has been for over a year already right now.