Photos… hmm…

I started listening to this book called A Woman in Berlin. It is about a journalist in the final days of Nazi Germany and the start of the the soviet occupation. It is written as a journal but I am listening to it on Audible, my prefered way to read books as I can do other things at the same time. This book is telling me I don’t need to have photos everyday. I just need to write. So I am. One thing I thought was funny about the book so far is she was complaining that she was too reliant on technologies. Here it is 1945. She is about to fight for moldy bread and legs of lamb with horse poo on it. Water and heat are going to become luxuries and she thought that one is too reliant on the radio. I wonder what she would think of the world today?

Well last Saturday, I lost a crown on my tooth. I have been saying for months that I can’t wait to go to the dentist. I guess my crown couldn’t wait. Luckily for me, the vaccine I had a couple of weeks ago has just made me more immune then I would have been without it. Today I had my appointment with the dentist and scheduled my cleaning for mid June.

It was strange to be out of the house. When I got to the end of my street, I was a bit taken back by the traffic. It seemed never ending. I began to think that it was never like this before covid! However, I know with what time I went, this is typical in the before time. I drove by a guy who was wearing what appeared to be a black garbage bag like some people wear a poncho made from a garbage bag. Strangely, there are no clouds in the sky today. I then went a bit further and saw a man with a mask on, “driving” an electric wheelchair down the side of the road. There was a sidewalk but he wasn’t using it.

It was strange seeing life going about. All the time I wonder if I will be able to go out again. I am sure I will but it feels like it is forever from now. Vaccine for children isn’t till next year they say. I wish it were sooner. How can we be normal, when children, our future, can not be protected from all of this? I just saw a headline today saying that there are “long haulers” in the children population. I can’t help but wonder how life expectancy must be shrinking before our eyes and still people think this is normal.

In other news, I got a cold call from the company that I got my sewing cabinet from. They are wanting to see my opinion about another piece of furniture that they would like to create. I am not sure if they want me talking about it so I will keep it to myself. They want me to be part of a focus group. So I am going to do that tomorrow. They are even going to pay me for my time! Little do they know that I love helping people in any way I can and would do it for free. But hey, if they want to pay me, I am not going to turn it down. I can put it to my sewing fund.

Sewing has been hit or miss with me. I got a dress mostly done. I just don’t understand how to put in body darts. So I ordered a book that will be here one day to learn. I say one day as I ordered it last week on Amazon and since Amazon isn’t selling it, it still hasn’t shipped yet.

Another project that I am working on is making a bag of my own design. I decided I needed some fusible vinyl for it though so now I need to wait till I get that to continue. Finally I worked on a mock up of my corset. It is a lot of trial and error but I think I have it right, right now. I am just wanting to wear it for a few days to make sure I don’t need to tweek it more. Sadly, because of the confusion with my tooth, I haven’t been wearing it like I wanted to. I don’t really want to wear it outside the house with it being a mock up.

So in the meanwhile while I am waiting on things for 3 projects I am starting on yet another historical pattern. I drafted some yesterday. I am about to draft some more today, though today is trauma therapy for the little one so that will curtail my time but quite a bit. I will do what I can though.

We are all looking forward to the warmer weather. It feels like winter will never stop. They say it will warm in the next couple of days. That would be nice! My azalea is starting to bloom. I will have to get a photo of that if nothing else.

Well that is all I have for now.