April 8, 2020

This last image is something I am rather surprised by. Who would have thought that you would have to wait in line just to go online to a grocery store. Strange world we live in today.

Sorry for the break. I think I was burning my candle at both ends and that caused it. Bizarrely you can even do this while not leaving the house. Over the weekend I made about 12 masks. I have sent most away, have to send another couple today. We will have some left over if we need them but honestly Tony is the only one that leaves the house and goes anywhere enclosed. We do go for walks if it is warm, but that is it.

Yesterday I made tofu for the first time. Didn’t know I could do that. Learned a few things. First, I am not a patient person. Tofu making is more of a do something then forget it type thing. I am not like that. Second, cheese cloth stinks. I don’t even know why they call it cloth, it barely holds together! And lastly tofu isn’t that hard to make! I did order a soy milk maker and a tofu press though so I can do this better in the future.

Tony went to the grocery store over the weekend. He found that strange things were out. He couldn’t find sesame seeds for some reason. Yeast was out but flour was around. All grocery stores had a limit of 2 loaves of bread. Since he had to go to many stores anyway, he just got his limit at every store. Thankfully he could still find baby formula for Foster B.

Spring has sprung in the last few days. So even though we don’t have the Covid-19, may sound like they do. It should only be days before we all have yellow green cars (my van being white should look ever so lovely). However you can feel it in the air. My allergist always said that it was the amount of pollution in the air that I am allergic to. You would think with less drivers this wouldn’t be as bad, but something tells me there are not THAT less drivers out. Quarantines don’t seem to be working that well from what we see in the news and when we go on walks.

The kids are holding up okay. They get restless. They clearly miss their activities. I am looking forward to warmer weather so maybe we can really use the playset. However their schoolwork is in top shape. So it is a trade off.

Easter has sneaked up on us. Hard to believe we would be going to the Auto show on Saturday if all of this didn’t happen. They have moved the auto show to the end of August. I did get Easter outfits for both of the fosters. I plan on taking a family photo of all of us on Easter. Maybe we will wear our masks!

Life is surprisingly normal right now. I mean yes we are having to work around food shortages, but it isn’t that bad. I imagine if this goes far into the summer it would be, but right now it isn’t.