April 2, 2020

Well we have had many days of about the same. Days are starting to run together. I had to really think yesterday to realize that it was Wednesday. Due to the amount of people that took out their trash yesterday (today is trash day) I bet many are feeling the same. The article from NJ.com states that we will be like this “deep into May”. I am going to run out of crafts to do!

Today we subscribed to Thrive Market. It is impossible for us to get a pick up time at our grocery store, so we will order on Thrive for as much as we can, then get produce and whatever we don’t get in the store. We have one store that doesn’t do grocery pick up so that might be our store of choice. We will have to see how this works.

We are trying to take walks everyday. It doesn’t always happen and there are days it is freezing, but we try. The boys are doing well with their school. That still goes on with everything happening. Spring has sprung and my body is feeling it with allergies! I keep the air cleaner on all the time. It helps a bit.