My life looking out a window

Also known as March 27, 2020.

You really can’t tell what day it is by looking outside. Garbage is still being picked up as well as recycling. So I guess there is that but honestly there is nothing else to tell you. We can’t really leave the house so it is hard to see things clearly.

Just now I saw someone walking down the center of my street in shorts and no shirt. It is suppose to be warm out but hardly that warm. And why is he walking down the center of the street? Could he not see people approaching on the sidewalk then go into the center of the street? Poor guy is blind, which was evident by the awful shorts he was wearing anyway.

My thoughts as of late have been, I wonder who will loose a head of state first? United Kingdom has a good start in this race but who can really tell. I am sure Trump will have it in a week, especially since it hit congress and last I checked they are still in session. Never thought I would want to become a British citizen but they at least released Parliament to limit this virus. Not that it is likely to do much good since Boris Johnson has it. Doubt Prince Charles hangs around Parliament.

I also wonder what airlines are going to be around when this is all said and done. Looking out my window I see not a cloud in the sky. Not even a wisp. Yet I see no signs of airplanes. I live in New Jersey. I know there is a flight highway above my head, I should see at least chem-trails or something. I see nothing. This has got to be hard on the airlines. Though they do say that the oil war between Russia and the middle east is helping the situation with them. Right now I would take American to close. It would be awful but I think they are the ones teetering the most from what I hear.

What else will we loose when this is all said and done? Hard to believe I live in an era when coughing could charge you with an act of terrorism and doctors are instituting “do not resuscitate” orders against family wishes for people that have this Corona virus. At least that is what the web news says (can’t call it papers as we rarely get those).

I spend my days making bread and knitting. I would think I was around in the depression if it wasn’t for the computers around and my cell phone. Sometimes I wish we still had land lines. I hate carrying around the cell phone in the house.

What I find that is fascinating is this whole thing has made us all slow down. I mean we are staying in our homes and praying it doesn’t come and attack us in our sleep. Yet everywhere around us people are hoping to get us to do the very thing that we should be stopping. Foster’s A and B have twice weekly visits (phone or video chat) with parents. While this is normal for Foster B, it isn’t normal for Foster A. The set up and such take time for each call. Now I have been told that Foster A will be getting therapy services remotely. My computer, as simple as it is, is starting to get a workout! I think I need to make a chair for myself in Foster A’s room. It isn’t very comfortable in there for me, so it would be nice to sit somewhere for a bit of time.

Today I got my Global Entry card. This will allow me to travel in the US and be considered “Pre-Checked” or outside the US and essentially be the same thing. I really hope we can travel after all of this. I was hoping to go to Europe next year before all of this. I think I might have to settle for going to the US (hopefully outside this area) next year. At least it is good for 5 years. So that will hopefully mean I can use it.