March 23, 2020

Headlines from yesterday:

Headlines from today:

Well we are now past our first 24 hours in lockdown. Doesn’t really feel much different then just a really good snowday, minus the snow. Though we did loose our heat yesterday. That was fun. Our house got down to 63 degrees on our main floor this morning. Thankfully that was fixed (God bless repair people working during this time).

We went grocery shopping on Saturday. Well grocery shopping may be a strong word for it. It was more of a grocery pick up. MANY items were out of stock and needed to be substituted. Then there were several items that were limited to just one per item. Pasta, pasta sauce, cereal, soy milk, bread. This doesn’t sound too bad until you realize that we are a family of 5 people eating solid foods! Yeah, one box of pasta will not even be a full meal for us! Half gallon of soy milk will last maybe a day. You get the picture. We did try to tip the poor lady who brought out our groceries but she said she couldn’t accept the tip. Sad.

I then had Tony go into Target to get the formula for Foster B. He was able to find 7 cans of her normal formula. However they were restricting formula purchasing and almost didn’t allow him to purchase them. But here is the thing, she is on a concentrated formula. So 1 can is equal to 1 day of food for her. So while 7 cans seems excessive at first, it really is only a week supply. Thankfully he was able to leave with all 7 cans.

Roads were not bad when we went out for our food. I would compare it to going to church on Sunday for 8 am services. There were a few people on the road, but not anywhere near the amount that are normally there for the time we were out (about 5:30 pm on Saturday). The orders for us to be on lockdown were out, but they were only out for an hour or 2 so many hadn’t heard yet.

We were able to get a jar of yeast from our grocery trip so sourdough doesn’t not need to occur… yet.

Yesterday we were slow in doing things. With the heat out, doing anything felt like camping first thing in the morning. Not fun. We did clean up our entryway (long overdue) and reorganize things in combination with our living room (our entry way is small and we are 6 people, so we borrow space from our living room to make it work). We like the set up now.

Yesterday afternoon I started panicking a bit because it is clear that we need to make our own bread everyday. We have plenty of wheat, but not of bread flour or gluten. So I sent Tony out again to get that. He was able to find some of the things on our list that we couldn’t get, and he was even able to find a grocery store without rationing. Shocking! So now we feel food secure again!

We had to cancel some of our travel plans last night. That was very hard for us to do. We don’t have a lot of time with German school or with Foster A in public school (though they don’t mind a week off at her age). We are still hoping to go soon but we will have to see how this virus gets.

Spring has sprung in our area. I saw tulip trees last week, right now I can see pink and white flower trees (not sure what they are). They are normally early bloomers. Will we have the bloom before we get out of lockdown?

Here is the bread recipe we are using. I am going to look for an oat coffee creamer to make today. I just ran out of coffee creamer so I need something and we have oatmeal.

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