March 21, 2020…

Well I didn’t get to write yesterday. Not much new. I did get the headlines though:

Here are the headlines from today:

Everyday is much the same. We spend all of our time indoors unless absolutely necessary. It isn’t fun. Even the kids have to time their time outside so neighbors are not out (ideally). Thank goodness we have the playset in the back yard.

Yesterday we decided to take the kids on a drive to see what I thought would be emptiness. Sadly it wasn’t that way. Yes the mall was closed but hotels still had cars at them, restaurants had cars at them (though clearly it was for the staff as it was way lower then normal. Strangely there were a lot of cars at places like an appliance store or craft store. Grocery stores, forget about it. They looked like a Saturday afternoon from the parking lot. We went shortly before 6 pm.

I was happy to see the hospital didn’t have many people there. Our county isn’t the one that is hardest hit though. So that may come with time.

Talk of the town is that we might get shelter in place orders today. Don’t see how that is different then what we were already doing but seeing how many people were out and about yesterday, it is clear that this is FAR from under control right now.

Strange thing is we are starting to get into allergy season right now. So lets say this whole thing were to end tomorrow, we would still have mass fear around. We normally don’t have a green car till at least April. Though with a 78 degree day yesterday, who knows now.

Today we get to get our grocery pick up. I am also going to send Tony into Target to get formula for Foster B. I will only ask for 1 week’s worth. However I want to make sure I can get it so that is why I will do this. They don’t have it as an option to get her formula curbside.

I am considering starting my sourdough again. Yeast is hard to come by and bread is even harder. It will take a week or so to grow it enough to use, but time seems to be all we have in the house. Hopefully the flour will hold out.