Thursday, March 19, 2020

You know it is funny. I remember at the beginning of the year there was talk that in the year …20 there is always a pandemic. I actually remember thinking on January 1, “well not this year!” It is amazing that in 3 months we would go from “that can’t happen to us” to shelter in place, curfews, toilet paper shortages, medical supply shortages and talk of field hospitals being set up and dorms being turned into quarantine centers!

Outside doesn’t look any different then any other day this time of the year. My father lives in a flight path to an airport. He says it is quieter there as there are no planes flying. Must be odd. He has lived there for 23 years. Last time it was like this was after 9/11. It hasn’t been clear enough for me to see the sky since all of this got even more real (last 2 days).

In some ways I feel like that is where we are. It is 9/11. We are all in the financial district of New York City. We just don’t know where we are and 9/11 is going as slow as it felt on the actual 9/11. Are we in one of the towers? Are we in another building? Are we on Canal Street far from harm?

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