Well since I pay for this, I might as well…

Such a title for this post wouldn’t you say?

Well one of the reasons I don’t write on here that often as I feel like I can’t say anything about fostering. I mean I am suppose to treat all children in my care as my own, but I can’t talk about them! Talk about a contradiction! So I feel like part of my life is always missing when I talk on here.

Recently I got notice that it was time to pay for the site again. Ugg! Who likes spending money. Not I!! But then I thought, this has been GREAT for me. I forget when something happened? I can find it on here and remind myself. Don’t want to tell everyone the same story 20 times? Tell them to look on my blog! Want to share photos with people easily? Blog to the rescue! Think people will not believe you if you tell them what you have been through? Tell them to read the blog!

You get my point. So I decided that I would continue to use this blog. πŸ˜€ I just need to get better about writing on here. Even if I have to say “I did foster baby G’s hair today and it doesn’t look horrible.” I guess that wouldn’t tell you much about the child. I may slip and say she or he every now and then but honestly that would narrow it down to about half the population… less then that as you could probably figure out the age if you read close enough!

Well in other news we are still Whole Foods Plant Based. It has done wonders for my health… at least I haven’t got an upper respiratory infection 4 months. Nothing short of a miracle if you ask me! Especially when I have been around people that have been sick and I didn’t catch it! I might have found a wonder drug… or is that food? Not sure but I might have found it!

Tony recently had lab work done and he proclaimed afterwards that he is never going back to eating meat. No seriously! My husband that said at one point early in our marriage, we may have even been dating, that he would go on ANY diet as long as it involved meat, said that he never wants to go back. His cholesterol is lower then it was when he was on a statin. His blood pressure is down around my level (I always have the low side of normal pressure). Now some of this could be his exercising, but even when he was exercising in the past, he didn’t have this level of goodness. So he never wants to go back!

Max has taken to eating like this very well. He has no problem eating like this and even resists food that is given to him that isn’t vegan.

Nathaniel is my hold out. He will eat food that isn’t vegan. He requires things that are “veganized” or that are vegan foods that are made to be like non vegan foods. He is getting better though. Recently he started eating carrots as a snack and loves being a bunny rabbit!

To our shock, Foster baby G has went from eating a canned food diet, to eating vegan food nearly overnight. I tell everyone at the state that I didn’t want for her to be like this, but it is clear that she wanted to be like this. Whenever she eats non vegan food her digestive system goes out of whack and she gets stopped up. She eats all the time and will have several big meals a day if it is vegan. On a “normal” diet she would eat one big meal and then not eat as much for the next few meals. So, although I didn’t want to deal with questioning from everyone about the way she eats, I am sort of having to do that now. I would say she is better about this then Nathaniel! Shocking as I would NEVER have dreamed this!

I have been researching what we need to travel. Yes I know we can travel with what we have right now, but I would like to make things as easy as possible so I am researching stuff. For instance I have realized contrary to modern male standards, both Nathaniel and Max need a bag to carry things around in should we go to doctor appointments with the fosters or anywhere else that they would likely be bored at. This bag (which now they both have) would also double as a bag that would work for a “personal item” on an airplane.

I have also realized that airlines are getting wise to the fact that most people want to do carry on only, so they have started charging for this. Brilliant if you ask me, as it must slow down the boarding process when people do this. However because of this, I have decided that we should NOT do this. After all we are hoping to travel next year by air plane (hopefully twice!) and with 3 kids (maybe 4) anything to make us not hated by everyone on the plane is a good thing! This will also free up our hands should we get that thing-ma-jig on our travels that shouldn’t be checked. We can carry it on provided it fits standard carry on luggage size.

But then that brings up what size of bag should we have? Anything over 22 inch is check baggage size. So do we get a 30 inch bag and call it good? That seems like it would be a recipe for getting over baggage weight fees! My thinking is we go for something like a 24 inch bag. Because even at 24 inches, it gets wider so it isn’t like it is just 2 more inches in height, it is often bigger in width too! I am also thinking hard side.

I have also been researching making vs. buying packing cubes. We don’t have enough for all of us. Honestly we have bought 1 set since we have had kids. So we need to invest in more. I thought about making ones that would fit JUST our luggage. I could make it in different colors for every member of the family. Then I looked at the price of rip stop nylon and zippers with 2 pulls and mesh fabric and decided that it would honestly be about the same price as buying them. πŸ™ I might even be able to find some on Amazon Prime day or something and that would… save me money! Since we will likely have at least 2 kids share 1 bag (might see if I can get all 3 in one bag… I can always dream) then we really need a way to organize it.

Going back to food, with our new way of eating I am also thinking of trying my hand at making some sort of cookie using what we have or what we normally eat. Yes there are recipes for cookies, but I am thinking I am going to try to make a syrup out of apple juice. NO doctor that I have talked to likes children drinking juice but we get it from WIC with fostering. So I am thinking of boiling it down to a syrup and experimenting with turning that into a sweetener for a cookie and maybe even a brownie. We will have to see. Apple juice is fairly sweet just straight so I imagine if I boil it down then it would become even more so. Things to try to do!

Last night we tried Tofurky Feast. Everyone liked it, though Tony and I thought the dessert was a bit too sweet. We are going to try the other makers of roast and maybe I will try to make my own and see what we like the best. We are likely going to be having our first vegan Thanksgiving at home so this should be interesting! We also had Almond Nog and the boys and Tony loved it. So we will have to get more of that!

Well I have written a lot. I am going to go and try to get some photos of Max in Kung Fu to share. I am waiting for his class to be over with after all. πŸ™‚