Well here is my outfits for the last 2 days. Not great, but not bad I guess. I still have some work to do with them. I also have Max and his outfit, though admittedly he needs more shorts and he really shouldn’t be long pants with the weather we are having.

We had a good holiday. We haven’t been doing much. Baseball was involved, watching not playing… at least on my part. I have also spent some time getting rid of stuff in my wardrobe that I don’t love or didn’t work with what I am trying to achieve. That is the main reason for the boxes because I am also having the boys do this. I need Tony to do it with his “fat wardrobe” as he has lost 60 pounds… or a Nathaniel and a placement (roughly). Ha ha!

I have also been doing a lot of crochet lately. I am currently working on a blanket for Max that would be a daily temperature blanket for him for the first year of his life where we live (as we were on the west coast for a month of his first year of life). I am basing it off of this design. I am just doing the low in the center and the high around it. I am also using charcoal grey for the joining and not white. I am also grouping colors together and then I will put it all together at the end.

To group colors together, I took all the temperatures and put them into a chart of color and high and lows. Then I know exactly how many plum inners and royal blue outers I needed to make. I made them all then I went on to the next color. Right now I working on “paddy green” which for Max is 41-50 degrees. I started with 1 to 10 so this is an accomplishment… even if I feel this is where a majority of the days will fall. However this is the half way point so when I am done with this color, I will be half way done with all the colors. 🙂