Does this color make my van look big?

Well I am back again today! Woo Hoo! 2 days in a row!

We went and look at the Chrysler Pacificas today. They had a hybrid right next to the gas one. So we could really see the differences. I was impressed to see in the gas one, that there was lower anchor tether points in all three seats (8 passenger) in the 3rd row. I don’t see me using them as Nathaniel is too heavy but still, nice to know a seat can go anywhere!

We were also shocked by the amount of room behind the 3rd row. It was definitely bigger then what we have right now in the Odyssey. The space for the stow and go seats was also impressive (in the non-hybrid version). I could honestly see us taking a cross country trip, put all of our clothes and things in those stow and go spots, and have a stroller in the back, and we would look like locals everywhere we went! Ha ha!

So now we are debating what we are doing. They both seemed nice however I think we will wait till the end of the summer before we figure out what we are going to do.

Well, deciding on another car wasn’t the only thing that happened when we realized we were switching our focus on not getting an RV. I started realizing that we need to be able to pack a bag efficiently. My father, having adopted my 2 sisters from China, has repeatedly told me that the only way to fly is to do carry on only. My wardrobe has NOTHING that works with anything else. Max has nearly a non-existent wardrobe. So I decided to focus on him as it was easier then focusing on me.

On a google search for a child capsule wardrobe (as that would work with traveling well too) I found the website Frump Fighters. I have since purchased the Stay At Home Mom’s Year Round Wardrobe Plan and The Complete Wardrobe Guide for Kids (boys version). This has got me to make a color scheme for Max and for me. Yikes!

So the scheme for me is this:

I consider myself a Warm Autumn. So based off of some of the guides on the guide, I was able to create this. Now this doesn’t mean that I wear ONLY red and green in the fall and winter and ONLY Coral and Teal in the spring or summer. I figured that the neutral colors are always around so no need to put them in the main color areas. The accent colors are just that, to make the other colors look better.

The guides (or even the freebie that she offers) gives you a guide of everything you should have in your wardrobe. This is also true for Max. So now I have shopping lists and for growing children, a list makes it easy to keep track who needs what.

So a small conversation about very little, just vacation plans, that I wasn’t even a part of; has made me switch what kind of car I want and that I need a capsule wardrobe (along with the family) so that we can easily go carry on only when we go to Germany… one day!

But in the meanwhile we will look better then we did. 🙂

Tomorrow we are getting our first Amazon Wardrobe box. It has stuff in it for both Max and me. We will have 1 week to decide if we like it before we are charged. I purposefully got 2 very similar dresses as I don’t know what will look better on me. So I know I will be sending back something.

Maybe I will start posting our look everyday. It will not be great right away, but Max does have some good moments lately. 🙂