Nathaniel’s first day of K5!!

Yes I am only a week late with this but better late then never! Nathaniel has been having fun, even if he doesn’t want to admit it, with his new school program. Here he is on the first day of school. We are on day 7 tomorrow. He has already learned how to write a cursive “i” and today he learned the cursive “u”. He sings songs everyday and is memorizing a poem, the Lord’s Prayer, and several other things. Honestly I am not sure I could do better job then his teacher.

I hope to order Max’s curriculum this week. 

The last few months I have done a lot of quilting. I finally figured out a way that I could work on quilting and still be part of the living room. So I do that. Here is a photo of my current project (well one of them, I have 3 going on right now). It is a mystery quilt but it is already 27 (the 4 blocks count as 1 block) blocks in… so I am behind. But considering I started on Thursday, I am doing well. I am determined to only use scrap left over from other projects. So we will see how far I get with this. 

I am doing another mystery quilt (that one I choose my colorway) and I am also working on a block of the month that I got over most of the year last year. It features 1930’s reproduction fabric. With our currently special needs placement I wasn’t able to start on it till November, however I am to the point of putting smaller blocks into bigger blocks so that should be done when I get bored, or caught up with this mystery quilt I photographed above.

It has been cold here, but little snow. It seems every time it gets wet, we warm up. Then we drop down in temperatures and we wonder where the snow is!

Oh and I am also making bibs for the children that we get fostering. I got these wonderful bibs at IKEA that were long sleeve. The only problem is, whenever we would wash them, they would get moldy! So I took a moldy bib and made a pattern with it. The original had a seam on the top of the sleeve. I didn’t like that so I made the sleeve all one piece. Then I use PUL (a laminated fabric) for the bib. I put fold over elastic on the cuffs, and use seam binding on all the other edges. I also make sure to put a loop on the back closure so it can hang when not in use. For a closure I used my snap press for a single snap.

I have 2 more bibs cut out and I ran out of binding and fold over elastic. I got my supplies and since we have a nurse tomorrow, I might work on that project. I will try to take a photo when I have a bib completed so you can see what it looks like.