Starting Abeka school

Sorry for the delay in writing this but I had some technical issues that I couldn’t resolve so I just didn’t write. Namely I made some videos and I didn’t like the quality of them and I was going to make another one, and that just never happened. Such is life!

Anyway, I got my iron and about an hour later I got Nathaniel’s curriculum. So as you can see, I haven’t been able to play with my iron that much. I spent a good 2 days just getting Nathaniel’s curriculum ready for him. I took all the pages out of all the books (except for science, that is bound… oh and yes they are designed to come out of the book so I am not advocating tearing up books) and put them in file folders for the day lesson they corresponded to. Then I wrote a list of all the other things that are needed for that day and put it on a post it note inside the file folder. So this took a lot of reading, processing and thinking on my part. Something not easily done in a house as hectic as mine generally is. However it is now done! YAY!

Today will be the first day of school for Nathaniel. I am nervous but I think that is mainly due to I am not sure what to expect and I am going to be having a house full of people here at 10 am (this is having to do with Foster Baby D). They will not be here long, and ultimately a couple of them will help me so I have time for Nathaniel, but none the less our day is going to be interrupted by that. Such is life!

In the process of doing all this though, I realized that Max might actually do well with a program like this. So I boxed up a curriculum that we just got him (and he wasn’t focusing on) and it has a 100% money back guarantee on, and I will be sending that back. Then I will get Max the complete 4th grade curriculum. I want to do this ASAP as I don’t want him to go further behind, however I also didn’t think starting him in the middle of the year (as I could get just a semester) would be fair to him either.

So we will be doing schooling, more or less, till October for both boys straight through. At that time (perhaps at the beginning of November) I will start them on their new year. This will make it so they should finish by June 2020 with their next year’s items. Nathaniel has some scheduled breaks in there and will have off on his birthday and Max’s birthday. Max we will have to see how things happen for him. He may need to focus on something for more then a day here and there so that might mean he is doing 5 days a week, every week (unless we are on vacation), we will have to see.

Anyway you slice it, this will be a challenge for Max, but he says he knows he needs to go through something hard, so that it can be easier for him in the long run. That is what we are all hoping for.

Of coarse this all assumes that any disruptions in our house, are not that bad. We will be having Foster Baby D going home soon, so we will be an empty house when that happens. So hopefully we will get another call again soon. I have been told by several people they like me in the division, so that is always a good sign! Nathaniel doing half days (that is essentially what Kindergarten is) will help. Max will be doing full days and have homework… which is guess is school work if he is doing everything at home?? So he may have things to do that are relatively independent but need to be done.

I should also point out that I am not, I don’t think, starting Max on the accredited track. He will still have videos and everything, but there will not be accountability for him. This is to ensure that he can do the material and catch up on things he needs to, before I put on the pressure of testing for grades. Nathaniel is doing the accredited program as everything is new for him.

I will try to at least get some photos today of Nathaniel’s first day of school (officially). That would be nice.