I know I was trying to write everyday and then bam! I would like to say that life happened, but truth be told it wasn’t just life. We got a placement (Foster B) then we got a temporary placement (Foster C) then when that child went home we got another placement (Foster D) and for a while we had Foster B and D and now we are just down to Foster D and waiting on a call to get Foster E.

It is amazing when you can’t talk ANYTHING about the foster children yet you can talk about your life. It is really strange and odd to write. It is sort of like going through your day without using the letter S in any words. Yes you can talk, but eventually you will really not make sense. So that is sort of where I am.

I can say that I am having so much fun watching baseball. Nathaniel will be starting up his baseball soon but I am having fun watching professional baseball on TV.

I do have some videos and photos I can share. I will come back later (hopefully today) and do that.