Hiding out

Things are slowly getting back to normal around here. Today the boys had swim class for the first time in 2 weeks. It was good to have them back in the water. I am taking a lot of precautions though. I made them change their clothes as soon as we got home and then I washed them. I normally feel like I need to hide from illness this time of year but this year it is even more so. I am inspired by how I was able to stay out of the hospital when I was going through chemo at this time of year. I am not likely to end up in the hospital with an illness right now, but illness is illness. So if I can stay healthy back then, hopefully I can do it now.

We still are under water restrictions. It is getting frustrating. Hard to keep a house clean when you don’t have water, or when you fill a glass and wait for the water to settle and see things in it. 🙁 Thank goodness we have the water filter. I have thought about going down and protesting in front of the water department. Though I am sure that would do nothing.