A little country…

Caution politics is mentioned in this post.

Today my heart and mind was with the people who marched for life in DC and elsewhere. Those events are always inspiring. I just wish the media would report them. Instead CNN talked about a march that didn’t even occur today and ignored (typical) the March for Life.

In other news, today I realized something. It was sort of like how I realized I was a conservative. See back in high school I remember in my Freshman year I had a semester history coarse on Washington State history (yeah they could have done more but whatever) and in it, they listed all the “traits” of the 2 current political parties. At the end of the list I remember thinking “I fit into the Republican party side perfectly but I am a Democrat.” Several years later, someone challenged me as to why I thought I was Democrat… it was then that I realized I wasn’t one.

So much of my life I have wanted to live here in the Northeast. I wanted to live in a city. I wanted to live near people. The thought that I would want to live in the country is absurd. Well I don’t want to live in the country now, but I realized that my parents put a bit of country into me with music. I HATED country music when I was a teenager. Seriously, turn it off if I can hear it. Like those people (I will admit I am like this) who can smell cigarette smoke a mile away and be utterly disgusted! That was me toward country music. But I have aged, mellowed a bit and I feel like there is a bit of country in me now. Not that I want to move to the middle of no where… or where there is no mass transit! Yikes!

However, where I grew up in Washington, I didn’t have to drive far and I could see the night sky with more stars then I could ever count (at least that is how I remember it). I remember in high school kids coming to school freely admitting that they were going to go hunting after school (for wild game). In New Jersey I fall over if anyone says they hunt and they are an adult! And if all this wasn’t enough, I married a self professed person from Alabama. What is more country then that?

I just prefer the city but I respect the other side of the coin.

Not sure what the point of this post is, but hey it is written. 🙂