Doing the best I can

Well I am doing a bit better today but I am not over this yet. I just took my temperature and after not having Tylenol since this morning, I need it now. However it is much lower then has been so maybe it just needs to go through the levels of a fever. I am grasping but I am trying to make sense of what is happening to me. At least I was able to fold and put away laundry this morning, and empty the dishwasher tonight.

The boys were fairly good today. Max helped shovel snow outside on the sidewalks, it wasn’t much but it needed to be done. He couldn’t do anything about the ice, but that is to be expected. Nathaniel played with his Legos much of the morning. He had so much fun!

Right now the boys are playing cars together.

Sorry no photos today. It isn’t my first thought when I am just trying to function. But Rome wasn’t built in a day so I should get over this one day too.