I would love to say something like Tony whisked me and the kids away on some spur of the moment trip to some place cool like Germany or Figi (not that I really want him to do this, don’t get ideas Tony!) but sadly I got the flu bug that was hitting us all. Started with Max. I thought that the rest of us were spared but several days later Nathaniel got it. Shockingly I was still fine, then Tony got it, then Saturday I started to get the fever and that was that. My fever seems to be breaking, but not very well. Today I have only had to take tylenol twice… at least so far.

The Flu this year is AWFUL. If I could only say one thing it would be please be careful if you haven’t had it. It isn’t fun and I worry about people over a certain age who may not have the reserves of younger people. Children are also not doing well with though. So please be careful! Use hand sanitizer and try to stay away from public places at high use times. This is no guarantee but it might help.

Sadly this isn’t the only problem we are dealing with. Our water filter came at just the right time. Monday we found out that part of our area that gets our water needed to boil their water. Then they said that we ALL need to restrict water usage. This isn’t fun. Especially when sick. I had enough of it today and got Max to help me wash laundry and run the dishwasher. Amazingly the appliances that use water in our house are also the newest! Cool! Hopefully the water restrictions will be lifted soon but with our water, you never know.