Warm Water Illness…

Sorry for not posting yesterday. An illness came through the house like a tornado! Nathaniel had a fever on Monday night and it got worse yesterday. Today I took them to the doctor, Max is getting better but Nathaniel sounded like he was on the upswing. So now they are on something that should help. Amazingly I haven’t been hit with the bug… yet. We have had the last 2 days off of school. Tomorrow, we should start up again.

It has warmed up yesterday and today. As my typing it is 40 degrees outside.

We got notice yesterday that our water was contaminated again. Strangely, we didn’t get the real story though. The real story is not what was in the water that they didn’t tell us about till 2 months later, it is that they didn’t notice that a filter wasn’t working for 3 months!

Needless to say we are getting a water filter soon. More about that later.