Microsoft vs IOS

When Tony and I got married (or shortly there after) we got a Sony computer that was Microsoft based. It lasted longer then most computers should but around 2012 (I think) we decided to get a new computer and that computer we thought should be an Apple.

At the time we switched, Tony at times was spending hours every weekend trying to keep that computer running at all. It was a headache so we didn’t want to do that again and went to Apple.

Well Tony in one of his job changes, purchased a laptop from a company that was going under. Then he quickly forgot about it till Max found it, I played with it and decided I needed more then Max did. However it was giving me issues, so I sent it to my father who fixed the issues and sent it back to me (way to go Dad!).

Since that time, I have dealt with various format wars. This blog is a WordPress blog and not a Blogger blog. Format issue. I have an Iphone and not some other type of phone, format issues.

However the most frustrating aspect for me with having another PC (Microsoft based computer) has been the seemingly endless updates that they are wanting to do. I don’t have a battery in this computer. It died and I have been debating if I want to get a new one or if I just want to save up and get a new computer. So while I am weighing my options this computer is plugged in all the time, and I am tethered to a wall (darn Tesla vs. Edison war). However when I update my computer I expect it to stay that way for a period of time. To me that would be anywhere from a couple of weeks to months. I would tolerate a one off where they messed up something in an update and then they needed to fix it less my computer blow up, but that is it. After all, that is how IOS seems to operate.

No, Microsoft likes to update seemingly everyday. Yesterday my computer had a major update. How did I know? I couldn’t use it for a good 20 minutes while it was in a gold screen that must mean it is on life support. I was fine with that, I mean, I can take a major update every now and then. That is just life with a computer.

What I can not take is today I get yet another message saying that my computer needs an update. So within 36 hours, my computer needs yet ANOTHER update.

Apple gets a bad wrap for being over priced. Again, I get it. You can get a computer that is Microsoft based for about half the cost of an Apple. However the whole thing reminds me of when Max first started doing real school and I needed to print off a lot all the time.

At that time we were using an HP printer. These printers are relatively cheap. You can get them for sometimes as little as $30. GREAT! However what they don’t tell you is that ink will cost you at least that. EVERY TIME you get ink. See the price is not what the price of the printer is. It is the long term cost. Just for the record other printer brands do this too. We have a Brother now and I love that thing, but I know they do this too but to a lesser extent as the ink does seem to last a while… or at least longer then our old printer.

Microsoft computers make you pay for them in other ways. They put apps on that you don’t need with updates, they waste your time with the constant updates, they don’t play nice with other formats (yes I know Apple does this too but why put up with the rest if you don’t have to). Yes I know that Apple pushed out that U2 album a few years ago, but seriously, a few songs is not as bad as an app or constant updates.

Anyway, I know this is off what I normally post about. I actually will likely post something more later tonight on us. But this was bothering me so I had to say it.