The kitchen of the future from 1949

Yes it is still cold. However there isn’t much more that can be said about that. It was 1 degree this morning and now it is a balmy 15. It is really hard not to make a joke about global warming here but I really shouldn’t.

Today I saw this video:

This was made 1 year before my house was built… we think. This house has several dates on it. Yet my kitchen doesn’t use even one of those ideas. The only ideas that my kitchen has is a stove, refrigerator and sink. It makes sense that if you made cabinets deeper and used some of that space for storage that things would work out a bit better in the kitchen. I also liked that the kitchen was logical. So often it is hard to do things like that. I know I find myself prepping on whatever counter is the cleanest at that moment. If there is no counter available I will take our large butcher block down and cover my sink. Oh the woes of having a small kitchen.

However this kitchen does make you think doesn’t it?