Flylady Baby Step #6…

Today is a meaty day! Today we are going to pick one area of the house. JUST one! You are going to set a timer for 2 minutes. This can be any timer that you have. Probably not an hour mechanical timer as those don’t work so well with so little time, but a microwave, oven, phone or some other timer, set it for 2 minutes and focus on that one spot in your house and try to get it as clean as you can. I take this as being organized, not physically clean. So don’t pick the shower for instance, unless you have a bunch of junk in your shower.

In the future this will become 5 minutes and it will be a “5 minute hot spot” that you will clean. But for now focus on 2 minutes and do the best you can!

Are you more of a visual person? Diane in Denmark explains this very well:

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