Old dry air

Today I went to the eye doctor and found out I am getting old and the air is dry. I am not so old that I need glasses. I still have 20/20 vision but it now has an asterisks and it isn’t as clear as it once was. For now it is just an annoyance… like mosquitos or really cold winters.

The air is dry and that is causing my eyes to be dry. This isn’t that surprising but I was living in upstate New York (that is the area above NYC that isn’t the City) about 20 years ago and I got a tear in my eye because the air was too dry so I need to be careful. I forgot about it till the doctor asked me about it. Good thing I had an eye appointment today.

We are suppose to get snow tonight into tomorrow. Your guess as to how much is as good as the weatherman’s. They never seem to know! One thing is for certain though, whatever happens I will be posting in the morning so you can see, at least with your own eyes, what life is like in our little corner of the world!