Flylady Baby Step #4

Today’s baby step is another confusing one. It is either write things down or (the one I like more) don’t get sucked into the computer!

I know how it goes, you go online and want to just check your email, next thing you know you are looking at the history of pickles and a dress that you must have but sadly doesn’t come in your size in any color but that hideous chartreuse! They must have it available somewhere else in that lovely tangerine in my size!

Today, do your chores first then play. It seems simple. It really isn’t. For me, I am able to limit things if I look on my phone at my email. Every now and then you are expecting something. Today was one of those days. So I looked on my email. I sent an email and eagerly awaited a reply. When I got it I saw part of the message as an alert on my phone but when I checked my email on my phone it refused to load! Darn! I am in the middle of my chores! I don’t want to turn on the computer! Well I did turn on the computer to see the email and that was it. I turned into Barney on the Simpsons when he first tried beer (that Homer gave him). It is amazing how that works!

So are you more visual of a person? Look at what Diane in Denmark has to say today:

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