Flylady Baby Step #2

Today we need to dress to shoes! Now this is something I actually don’t do. I dress to slippers. The reason for this is we don’t have an office right now. So whenever I need to get on the computer I am either standing, or sitting on my bed. Having slippers makes it easier to kick them off and sit down. However the point of dressing to shoes is to not do that. It is VERY easy to sit. It is MUCH harder to get back up. The shoes make us not forget that it is not time to relax (at least quiet yet). Once everything is done, then we can kick off our shoes and everything should be good.

I should also point out that this is geared more to people that stay at home. If you go out to work, dressing to shoes is sort of a given. However when you get home, you should also remember (at least till you get things done) that it isn’t time to sit and relax. It is much better to get some work done then you can sit and relax and admire your clean house!

Here is Flylady Diane if you are more of a visual person:

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