Well today I messed up. Actually it was last night. I was so tired that I wrote a post and forgot to publish it on here. Oops! It is published now and I started working on Flylady stuff so I can go through the 31 Baby Steps starting on January 1 on here (I am actually going to post it the night before the day… hopefully!)

In my quest to do all of this I started reminiscing on my nearly 12 years of blogging! Yes that is right in a couple weeks (I started the original blog in January 2006 that morphed into this one) I have been a blogger for 12 whole years! Wow! Blogging has changed a lot in that time. I now have to pay for this site. This was all free when I started. I also run into problems every now and then that I need to figure out or pay more for. That is what I did tonight. I ran into a problem, didn’t want to pay for the solution, figured out another solution. I also ran into this the other day with the Christmas video… as you can see I have yet to fix that problem. Oops!

This site has been addictive over the years. I have always tried to update it as much as possible. I came into a grey area with the whole fostering thing. Then I realized that I can still talk about my family and odd things that make us tick, as long as I don’t talk about any children that are not mine on here. That is easy enough to do. Though I admit there are times when I just have to bite my tongue (or is that fingers) because I want to say something but can’t. All in due time I guess. Maybe one day we can adopt and then you will get a flood of information about a child.

In other news, Tony and I sat down and figured out what we want the Accountable Kids program to look like in the foreseeable future. We are on week 3 now of 4 weeks until the program is fully implemented. So far it has been working very well and the children have really liked it (at least the part where they know what is expected of them everyday).

It has been fun having Tony off this week. However next week is back to work. The boys will have school, and we will go back to a normal routine. Thankfully it is a 4 day week so it isn’t too overwhelming. I like to ease into things.