Flying tapestry

Well today Nathaniel clearly didn’t get enough sleep last night and was a bit of a pill. I got him to take a nap and true to fashion he now doesn’t want to wake! However this allows me time to write on here so that is good!

Today I made a video of my Flylady control journal. This is what I look at everyday to help me do things that I need to do. That sounds overly simplistic but that is what it is. Some of this may not make perfect sense and I am more then sure I will be redoing this video in the future but it is a start. If you were wondering about this system, here it is.

I also refer to another video in the Flylady control video and that is this one:

While we are on this I promised what today is in Flylady land. So this is that:
This week the Flylady is focused on Zone 3 Bathroom and 1 other room.

Tuesday – Planning Day – This could be anything that needs to be planned. Meal planning, lesson planning, activity planning, holiday planning, or anything else.

Today’s mission – Take 15 minutes to straighten up the laundry area of the house. This is the other room this week. If your laundry area is clean, then do a 15 minute clean of some other area of your house.

In other news, I am looking at another curriculum for Max for history. Tony hasn’t been 100% happy with what we have and we need something else that would be able to help bridge the gap with Nathaniel and Max doing the same thing but at different levels in a couple years. What I have found that seems interesting is Tapestry of Grace. This is a full program that goes from first to 12th grades but with different books at each level.

I am still trying to understand everything and getting reviews and opinions but I thought it was worth mentioning.