Photos that were backlogged…

We got grapes this year!

Spring time looking at water…

Having fun at a water table!

Fun with Gran at Ikea

Getting ready to watch a minor league ball game in June.

Boys creation

Who is allergy free? This guy!

Max gardening

Creature in back yard

Max at same game.

Boys at church

Natural history museum.

Peach picking

Going down to Florida in July.

Eating at the hotel on the way down.

Max playing dominos!

Nathaniel’s Florida birthday!

The boys on new scooters in Florida.

Asleep in Florida.

Playing at home

When I got back from Florida we had a new sink!

In North Carolina for the Eclipse!

Nathaniel giving a bear a bear hug.

Max got a bible from church.

First day of German school!

They got taller

In November our azelea got confused.

I made a Math U See clock!

Nathaniel is packed for our November trip to Florida.

Max pretending to be a doctor.

Trees in Florida.

Polynesian resort in Disney.

This was yesterday on our way to see a Christmas Live!


So now I am caught up! Thud!