Well I thought I should talk about Flylady today. On the surface this sounds absolutely disgusting! I mean, I have visions of “The Fly” and a lady that is half fly half woman! Yikes! However don’t let the name fool you! The process behind it is sound and easy for anyone to implement… provided you don’t go to step 100 before you do step 5.

The basic principle is simple. Have routines that you do everyday and anything can be done in 15 minutes. However like anything there is more to it then just that.

For me, the whole thing revolves around a weekly “home blessing hour” and doing routines. I get Tony to help me with the blessing hour and I do the routines. If you work a little everyday, soon everything will be shiny! This isn’t to say that you will find yourself only cleaning everyday when you are “flying”. Relaxation is also a key component of this program as well. Just now I did some work for about 15 minutes in my house and now I writing this blog post (relaxing). When I do that again, it will be followed by the same relaxing aspect. It helps make things lest daunting.

In January I plan on talking about the baby steps that Flylady recommends in detail. Some of these are odd. But all of them help you get to a goal of a “self cleaning” house. I have found that as I do something as simple as cleaning the sink every night (step 1 in baby steps) it encourages me to clean other things in my kitchen at the same time. “Oh, I have a clean sink, but this stove looks AWFUL! I will just clean it up for a minute. Wow! That looks great!”

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