Yes it has been VERY busy here!

That doesn’t mean we haven’t had fun though. πŸ™‚

Just to recap. We are (hopefully) almost done with our home study to foster to adopt a girl (maybe 2). In February we had a class that we needed to take that was twice a week at night. When we were about to finish that class, we had a meeting with our Resource Worker who told us that we either had to move our bedroom to the office, or stop the process. We elected to move our bedroom. This has sent us on a MONSTER reorganization (which was JUST done as we knew we needed to do things to get licensed) and getting creative with different things. Pretty much all of our spare time was spent researching things that we needed or actually doing this. We still have a couple of minor things to do still but I think we will be done, done this weekend. At least now I can say that my house is clean… something I really hadn’t seen in about a month. Yeah it was really hectic here!

So now I have a backlog of photos and video to post… which is never fun because then it becomes daunting just to start that. Hopefully this post will catch everything up and now that our bedroom is the office, that will mean I can post more often! πŸ˜€

The last time I posted photos or video was February 6. So I am going back to that date.

LOTS of video…
Max swimming February 7, 2017

N swimming (same day)

Nathaniel swimming February 23, 2017

February 25, 2017 Nathaniel’s first time at baseball… yes I wish I could string these all together in one video… need to work on figuring that out.

March 2, 2017 Nathaniel swimming

Max ice Skating March 3, 2017

Nathaniel with baseball March 4, 2017

March 7, 2017 Max swimming

Nathaniel singing at church March 12, 2017

March 14, 2017 The boys playing in the snow.

Now photos…

The boys playing outside February 8

Snow February 9

Snow play February 9

More play…

Train play! February 11

Growing up in Washington state, I never knew how anyone hunted out here. Well now I know. This sign also tells you if you ever wondered. πŸ˜‰ This is a giant park.

One of the many things we needed to do with our house was move the trampoline. Well this did ALL sorts of things, including getting rid of my sewing area (don’t worry, I am still sewing!!). but it also made it so we had more room to play in the basement.

Max studying hard.

Where is Nathaniel?

We had to move the shelving in the office to make room for our bed. I was cleaning in the other room and I came in to check on the boys only to find that Nathaniel thought this was a great place to rest!

Max playing February 23

Nathaniel playing February 23

Whomever said that Fostering is easy, never has done it! Not that I can say as we are not there yet. However we did need to do a few things and this is showing a Lowes run that I made ALONE with the boys. It is amazing how helpful everyone can be when you are a woman with 2 boys needing a ton of stuff! I think we were helped by about 5 people that day.

After all that shopping at Lowes I needed to reward the boys somehow. I was tired so I went to McDonalds. It has been YEARS since I was there. It wasn’t bad. The boys loved it!

Tony’s birthday at a german restaurant.

This is an old photo of me and my mother and grandmother when I was a child (probably around Max’s age). I couldn’t believe who was also there! Is that Fenway?

We were not done shopping after Lowes. We also had to go to Ikea.

We got a lot of Trofast boxes.

We combined them and built a bed. More on this in an upcoming post…

This is the bed completed. I called it Grandma’s Feather Bed. πŸ˜€

The boys love this bed and we are often in here now.

On one of the many trips to the hardware store, I found a clearance (miss tinted) paint gallon for only $9!! It would be perfect for a girl’s room so goodbye brown walls, hello purple! Painting this room was a family affair and I am happy with how it turned out. I wish I had a photo of the family effort though. πŸ™

Nathaniel on the bed

Nathaniel playing March 9

Nathaniel March 10

Snow photos from the snow storm on March 14…

Max also finished his reading program that day! 2 days later…

Nathaniel got his reading program (not pictured but he did do it that day… this is March 20)

This last snow storm was brutal! I went out to dig out the minivan the next day and I needed a rubber mallet to break the ice on top of the snow to get it off the van! Certainly something I will not forget!

Well there you have it you are all caught up. I have an appointment with the Resource worker in about an hour and hopefully we will not need to move things around again.