This week-ish…

I thought I would have more time to write on the blog but sadly I haven’t found the time. However here I am. Our week-ish hasn’t been that eventful. So I will get right to it.

We went to the Epiphany Tree Burning ceremony AKA a public safety demonstration on live christmas trees!

Max did sing for a belated Christmas program at German School but he didn’t sing. Rather then posting that, I think it is best that I just say that it happened.

This is Nathaniel sleeping in crazy spots.

This is in a pew at church

Max at school (both at home and at German).

Next we have Nathaniel’s school

First an explanation of it. This is just me talking about our supplies. I decided to challenge myself to cut this budget in half and do more. So to that end, here is our first month’s supplies.

And here is a time lapse of Nathaniel doing his school.

I find that school, generally speaking, is a work in progress. Since I have filmed this (in the last 2 weeks) I have made and changed things a bit. But this gives you an idea. I would like to do this time lapse with Max one day in the near future. 🙂

Now here is some oddities.

The sun

The moon

Max watching as Pence is sworn in.

Max watching Trump being sworn in.

I write down a memory everyday so let me go through them and talk about ones I see.
January 6 – Tony gets a Nespresso Machine, watched the Epiphany Tree burning
January 7 – Trying out new coffee machine, boys playing in 6 inches of snow
January 8 – Nathaniel dancing because he got a hot dog. Max taking off winter gear in a way that look like he melted.
January 9 – Tony trying flavored coffee and liking it. Max eating pork fat and hating it.
January 10 – Max doing art with Piggy from German school
January 11 – Max putting his math in the coat closet when I told him to put it in the downstairs closet (his school room closet).
January 12 – Walking swiftly with Max (Tony and Nathaniel trying to keep up) to Walmart.
January 13 – Children cuddling watching iPad on Nathaniel’s bed (see photo above).
January 14 – Max fitting in the backseat of the Camry well without a car seat.
January 15 – Nathaniel falling asleep in the pew at church.
January 16 – Cooking a pork roast in the instant pot even though it was too big for it while frozen (I used the slow cooker setting for 1 hour then switched to pressure cooking).
January 17 – Watching people work on the lights around the pool at swim class. Nathaniel swimming in the pool. Walking around with Max at the mall.
January 18 – Nathaniel looking at a 9 that I had written, turning it around and seeing a “b”.
January 19 – Nathaniel doing movement activities in school. Will talk more about this the next post. 😉