House update and snow…

I will start with videos.

This is a kitchen update.

As you can see we have a lot of work to do yet. Hopefully it will all figured out soon though and I will be able to share a completed video of the remodel… well at least completed to our stopping point till next time we tackle it again.

Nathaniel playing

Max singing at church (his german program was canceled due to snow this year 🙁 )

This last video is one that I am just sort of putting out there. I have got into the habit of looking up things I am interested in on You Tube and this bag doesn’t have a video review. I also would LOVE to find a channel where someone reviews bags and comments if they fit EpiPens well. So I combined them for this video. This is a public video and is searchable if anyone wants it.

Okay now I have photos:

Max and Nathaniel eating cake at Ikea

The snow that cancelled German.

Nathaniel looking at the snow falling.

Nathaniel sitting down

Fenway has been itching a LOT recently. So he got the cone of shame on.

Our outside set up this year.

This was at a neighbor’s house. 3 sofas piled on top of each other. Not safe!

So I wanted to make/get a calendar that I could carry around with me to keep track of dates and such. It would also be nice to find something that could put notes in because typing on a phone is not always practical. So I looked online and I found a whole bunch of things called Bullet Journals. Had no idea what this was and after some digging I finally figured it out. I will likely do a video on this soon, but what it is, is a journal that you keep and modify to your needs. So unlike a traditional day planner, you actually make this fit you. The original bullet journal was started by a man. So it was honestly bullet points done in a way that is very manly. Well women got ahold of it and turned it into something pretty and girly. I went to the store and for less then $20 I was able to get enough supplies to get me started on the girly version.

These are 2 pages in my journal but this is not really showing what it is either. Hmm… let me take that video.

Okay this is the video. It looks complicated but it really is easy. You can google or look up on You Tube videos of how to set up a bullet journal it is doesn’t take much. Then it is minimal set up time at night and once a week (if you do weekly pages) you set up the weekly spread. Monthly you have a bit more of that. I find the whole thing relaxing actually.

So that is our week.

***Family, we are trying to figure out Christmas. With the time change I think we should be able to Skype/Facetime people easily, but I would like to get times down so the kids know what to expect. So if you could please contact me about this. A simple text of “We would like to talk to you at or about 3 my time” would be fine. 🙂 Thank you!

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  1. Grandma Sorum

    Hi I just saw your kitchen in boxes you have done lots of work and still more to go enjoyed the singing

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