Videos and more

Okay I have had a request for photos of my kitchen since we are redoing it a bit. I think this is hard to photograph in stills and talk about what we are doing so Monday I made a video of the kitchen and what we have done to Max’s/Nathaniel’s room.

Note at the end of this video I say something to the effect of “I always wish I had a window (like Max)”. I did have windows in my room growing up. However I never had window 6 inches from my head so that I could look out to see if it snowed or not. Now I wanted said window to see if I was going to get out of school or not. However Max doesn’t have that luxury as I will have him do school whenever I feel like it. But I do think it is cool to look out the window without actually getting out of the warm and cozy bed.

Table out in kitchen

Another view of table out in kitchen

This was taken on my phone but shows what the floor will hopefully look like when it is done in the kitchen. However we will not be doing this pattern on the floor.

The boys in a rehearsal for a Christmas program this weekend.

Okay now some older video:
Swim time in Florida!

Max playing soccer last month.

We have been successfully toilet training Nathaniel this week. When I did this with Max it was awful and took a long time. It didn’t take quite as long with Nathaniel thankfully. We are also battling colds (the boys and me) so I hope that will be over soon as I want to make Christmas goodies next week.

I hope to take photos/video of Nathaniel singing soon as well as our Christmas set up. Nathaniel has really got us all in the mood as he seems to be REALLY looking forward to Christmas this year. So hopefully my next post will be sooner rather then later!