We are here!!

Well last week I had my phone die on me. So I needed to get a new one. It was under warranty so it was basically a refurbished old one. I want the new iPhone when it comes out next year. So that is our plan. Anyway because of that we have very few photos this week.

We have been doing the same things we normally do. School and walks. Sunday we decided to take a walk to the store and on our way back it was DOWNPOURING! Water was rising and it was up about 6-8 inches in spots. We made it home eventually but I fell down and so did Nathaniel. Both of us are on the mend though. 🙂

My vitamin routine seems to be working… mostly. The other day I got the flu vaccine and it caused me to have some mild symptoms from that. I know it is normal, but it is still irritating. I am almost out of my multi vitamin C so I got single item vitamins from Walmart. I think I paid about $10 for all three of them. REALLY cheap. However they get good ratings so I will have to see how they are. I am attributing much of my success to the colostrum. That stuff seems magical!

Max swimming!

This is a sample of how Max diagrams a sentence. He is very good at doing this. I thought for sure that he would have issues with this one but aside from a couple of saying “that isn’t correct” he did it all himself!